What makes a good comment?

What makes a good comment?

Here is an example of a good comment:


Hi Xavier it is me Jasmine again
I love your post. I haven’t tried hockey before but it sounds cool.
Maybe you could tell me the rules.
I have a question what season is it in Canada now.
Well I am guessing it is winter because you are writing about it.
I new Zealand here it is Autumn.
I hope to talk to you later.
Oh and thanks for commenting on my blog

Now let me explain why. First of all, it has a lot of text. Second of all it has a little bit of everything, like it has some comedy, some questions, and just normal conversation.

Here are some examples of comments that I wrote:

Jasmine at http://jasminew67.blogspot.ca/

Hi Jasmine,
You and I have a lot in common. I really care about people, animals, and really anything living. I also like cooking but I still have a lot to learn (like how to boil water lol) Keep on blogging! Come check out my blog at: Allthingsquebec XavierOnline.

Luke at http://blog.elanco.org/keeport016/

Hello Luke,

My favorite team is The Green Bay Packers. My favorite player is Aaron Rodgers.
Keep on blogging.
Briancia at https://brianciabms17.edublogs.org/
Hello Briancia,
I live in Canada. Here, during the winter it is freezing cold. It snow’s a lot, but during the summer it is the complete opposite. Every time you step outside you end up boiling to death.
Keep on blogging!
So, in my opinion that is how you make a good comment.         
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I love all seasons because every season has something different to offer.  However, the one season that I like the most is……. wait for it…… WINTER!  There are a lot of reasons why I like winter.

First of all, I like winter because that means hockey season!!!  Secondly, you can play some of my favorite games like snowball fighting.  You can also build snow forts and build snowmen, but lets not forget the funnest thing to do during winter, play hockey! Now for the third, and possibly most important reason, why I love winter; you don’t boil to death every time you step outside or are anywhere that doesn’t have AC!!!  Plus, you can wrestle in the snow without having to worry about getting injured, and you can jump from the top of your roof into the snow Continue reading


I love food my favorite food would have to be crêpes, no bacon, no eggs I don’t now there are too many things to eat in the world. If I had to pick one food to eat for the rest of my life it would be impossible to pick just one. But there is one thing that I do know, I know that mushrooms I hate and that is certain. I guess the reason I hate mushrooms so mush is because they taste like dirty socks in your mouth, but besides mushrooms I think every food is great.

The reason that I say ‘’I think every food is great’’ is because I haven’t tasted every single food in the world and I don’t think I ever will taste every single food in the world.

What is your favorite or least favorite food?

Henrik Sedin’s 1000th goal

Recently Henrik Sedin scoard his 1000th goal in the NHL, and only 84 hockey player’s have scored 1000 goals in the NHL and now there a 85 people who have scored 1000 points in the NHL. Henrik scored his first NHL point against the Panthers and now he scored his 1000 point against the Panthers. Couensidently Daniel ( his twin ) was the one who made the assist.

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