3769498363_1f752b5817_bBasketball… hummmm where  do I start. Lets start by talking about my favorite team and player. My favorite team is the Los Angeles Lakers. My favorite player was Kobe Bryant but then he retired from basketball at age 38. I can tell you a lot of stuff about Kobe but for now I will just tell you his number which was number 24. My favorite quote from Kobe was everything negative pressure challenges is a opportunity to rise.

Lakers at Wizards 12/3/14

But now my favorite player is LeBron James because Kobe Bryant has retired.

I love to play basketball but the problem I am not that good. I am horrible at three pointers and at jukes but it is still a lot of fun just to play the game.

What is your favorite team and player in Basketball?

3 Thoughts.

  1. Dear Xavier,
    I value your descriptive post about basketball, I do not watch basketball games and don’t have a favourite player but i’m sure the sport is great and fun to watch, great job! From, Anesha.

  2. Hi Xavier,

    I love basketball as well! I’ve been playing since 8 years old. I watch a lot of basketball on TV. My favorite team is the Cleveland Cavaliers. My favorite player is Kyrie Irving. I love Kyrie’s three pointers and I always try to be like him!

    George Online

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